A Kick-Off

Hello everyone,

My name is William Combs and today I get the pleasure of kicking off a brand new podcast by the name of Heart's Content.

Heart's Content has really been a passion project of mine. Over the last three weeks now I've obsessed over building up this podcast that's going to be very people focused where I invite guests on to talk with me and just have conversations about the things that they're deeply passionate about. Those topics that if given a chance, my guests could talk for hours on end. Those topics that they go home to study, research, and spend their free time looking into not because there's any sort of financial gain but because it's something that brightens their world and makes their life better.

I really want to dive into learning more about those things, and how as humans these different things make us tick at our core. A goal is to really embrace the idea that these passions aren't distractions from our life, rather these passions are how we truly embrace our lives.

It feels like a lot of times in society when someone's super passionate about something they'll bring it up in conversation, but then either someone will make them feel like they're foolish or silly cause they know all these things, or they'll make themselves stop and hide because they feel embarassed for having such in depth knowledge about this specific topic of theirs.

And I kinda want us to get away from that, no I definitely want us to get away from that. I want people to really truly embrace their passions and I want us as humans to embrace others passions as well, to ask question and engage and learn more about the people that we call our neighbors. There's so many wonderful people in this world and everyone has an engaging story. Nobody's better or worse than anyone in the long run, and I really want this podcast to highlight that.

The first episode is going to be diving into that a little deeper, and it's going to be me explaining why I feel so strongly about people in this way, and why I think that given time, and given the right push we as humans can make this world such an amazing place to live in. If we embrace our passions and our true selves while praising others for doing similar, I think that's one small step toward making that happen.

And I'm gonna go ahead and stop there cause if not I'm definitely gonn dive full on into the first episode. So I'm gonna hold off for now, this is just the kick-off after all, here to get you informed on what's going on, and look forward to the rest of the podcast happening. I definitely have a lot of content planned so don't worry there's plenty of topics to go around.

Thank you so much for listening to this entire kick-off episode. It feels amazing to finally be making this a thing that exists in the world. I again, hope that this podcast can help make our small piece of the world that much better.

And with that, I'll sign off with my favorite sign off I learned from one of the greater guys I've had the pleasure of knowing,


A/N: I'm planning to post the full episodes across different Podcast platforms, but for this one it's not going to appear elsewhere. Primarily so I can lock down the Thumbnail/Logo for those platforms. Thanks for understanding and listening! =D

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